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About the Summer Hockey Series Camps

Camps Overview

Our camps are developed to focus on individual skill development for youth hockey players. It is very difficult to teach & implement individual skills in a team setting throughout the regular hockey season. Our camps help players to master the fundamental skills of hockey, so that they can become a more impactful player when they return to their team setting in the fall. 

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Our Purpose

The purpose behind the Summer Hockey Series is to help grow the game of hockey so that more kids can enjoy the game & develop a strong work ethic through the sport of hockey.  Our purpose is to teach the fundamentals correctly from day one so that each kid improves quickly and develops confidence that helps them succeed. 

2023 Youth Hockey Camps

Coming in April 2023

The Position Camp allows youth players to focus completely on the skills needed to play their position. The camp is designed for forwards, defensemen, and goalies to all work with their position groups to develop their fundamental skills, and then use those skills in competition drills against the other position groups. 

Coming in June 2023

The Power Skating Camp allows youth players to focus completely on skating! The camp is designed for skaters of all skill levels! We start with the fundamentals of skating and steadily build each skater's stride throughout the camp. 

Coming in June & July 2023

The Skills Camp allows youth players to focus completely on developing their core skill sets as a hockey player. The core skills of skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting are developed from the ground up so that each player learns the fundamentals properly, and then builds additional skills throughout the camp!

Camp Director & Staff

Braden Zehner
Camp Director 

I grew up near Madison, WI where I was lucky to grow up around a lot of great hockey coaches. I was fortunate enough to play at the AAA, Junior A, & NCAA DIII levels throughout my career. I've been involved in coaching & skill development since I was 16 & have always enjoyed helping kids reach their potential! I was blessed to have great coaches growing up, & now it is my turn to do the same youth hockey players in the Louisville area. 

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Coaching Staff

Our coaching staff includes over 20 local coaches that work a combination of our camps throughout the year! Our staff includes former professional, NCAA, Junior, and AAA level hockey players. 

Our coaches have the ability to properly demonstrate skills that are being taught which is a great resource for the kids!

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