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Power Skating Camp

Why Have a Power Skating Camp?

The game of hockey is getting faster & skating is the most important skill for players to learn. Skating is the foundation for being able to pass, shoot, stickhandle, hit, and play the game. This is why we focus exclusively on skating each Monday night throughout the offseason. 

Development Plan for Power Skating

This camp will focus on breaking down the skating stride(s) to their most basic points, and then slowly building the mechanics of the skating stride together. When you build a skating stride step by step with a lot of practice reps, you create the good habits that result in a great skater with powerful strides.

Skating Progression & Focus Points

Forward Stride

(Single Leg & Both Legs)

Forward Crossovers

Backwards Stride

(Single Leg & Both Legs)

Backwards Crossovers

Camp Details

  • Open for ages 5 to 17

  • 9 total practices 

  • Camp dates are June 5th, 12th, and 19th. July 10th, 17th, 24th. 31st, August 7th, and 14th. 

  • All age groups will practice from 6:15 to 7:15 pm

  • Camp jersey & hockey socks are included for each player

  • All camp practices are held at Iceland Sports Complex

Objectives of Power Skating

Improved Balance

Full Stride Extension

Powerful Push Offs

Full Stride Recovery

Quicker Agility

Power Skating Camp Registration 
Registration is still open!
Skater Birth Year
Skater Jersey Size
Skater Hockey Sock Size
Payment Options -(Registration Fee is $300 per skater)
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