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Free Camp Day

We are pleased to offer a FREE DAY OF CAMP for the entry level players that have not participated in the Summer Hockey Series before! Our goal is to help young skaters master the fundamentals of hockey so that they can continue developing and enjoying the game! We offer this Free Camp Day for the following reasons...

1. Allow newer hockey player/families to see how our camps & coaching staff operates.

We want new families to feel comfortable and confident that our camps will help their child improve their skills on the ice. 

2. Allow parents to see where their childs skills are at.

The most common question we get from new hockey families is "I don't know if my child is experienced enough to skate in the summer camps?" This type of questions often comes from families who have just finished one of the entry level programs. This day allows parents to see how their child does during a typical practice session so that you can make the right decision on whether or not your skater will benefit from camps. Parents can talk with coaches during and after the practice to get honest feedback about where their child is at with their skills.

3. Allow our coaching staff the opportunity to identify equipment issues.

Many new hockey players often have equipment issues that make learning to play/skate more difficult. This day allows for coaches to look for these issues and then show parents the issue and how to fix it. Common issues we see include tying skates, skate sizing, stick sizing, stick curve type, and other various equipment size issues. The sooner we catch these issues, the sooner the kids start feeling more comfortable and improving their skills!

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What is the difference between the Summer Hockey Series, and other skill development programs?

Most of the entry level skill development programs (Learn to Play Hockey, Little Preds, & House leagues) rely on volunteers to help coach and organize the programs. This can make practice planning and developing coaches very difficult. The Summer Hockey Series has a paid staff of over 20 coaches that commit their time regularly so that we have an experienced staff that knows how to teach hockey skills. Each practice has a purpose and a plan that is reviewed with coaches prior to getting on the ice that day. This helps us get the most out of our ice time and get the most development out of the kids as well! Our goal is to have 2 coaches at every station so that we have 1 coach running the drill while the 2nd coach corrects the skaters and shows them the proper way to execute what we are working on. 

2022 Free Camp Day
March 27th, 1:30 PM


Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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